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24 May 2012

Railing poll for the Unnamed Aeronef

   Ladies and gents, as I am suffering from over-analysis of a minor detail, I turn to you for assistance. At the top of the journal, you should see a poll. Please choose which option you think might look best for the scout aeronef. A few pictures here should help with your visualizations.

Roped Stantions. From Baron Von J.

Stantions available from Reviresco - with solid rails

  Any other thoughts, please feel free to comment!


Elderac said...

I like the idea of a solid rail with a chain opening on the embarkation point. However you mechanize it is up to you, whatever works easiest.


Colonel O'Truth said...

I'm opting for plastic rod, Old Boy. When painted, it looks every bit as good as brass, but it's easier to work with, cuts nice and clean with no sharp ends, and glues well.

That said, adding setions of chain and/or rope here and there gives a 'busier' and more varied look - which contriubutes to an impression of greater attention to detail.

Hope that helps.

All the Best!