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03 August 2011

More Vehicles from Proxie

   Additional models of armoured vehicles have been sighted at the Proxie Engineworks grounds. These join the previously mentioned Proxie-Trencher Armoured Military Tractor.

   Proxie built this unusual design hoping to increase the speed and mobility of an armoured vehicle. The two large wheels spin independently, making the vehicle incredibly agile. However, rumour has it that the system is 'delicate' and therefore still requires more development before an acceptable model will be purchased by Government.

   The Proxie-Stalker model vehicle is a simpler prototype. The lack of a turret makes for faster and simpler construction, thus making it less expensive. The heavily sloped armour is expected to make enemy artillery shells glance off as well, leaving the crew unharmed. The Proxie company offers this design with two different cannons: a short barreled 9 pdr. and a long barreled 6 pdr.

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