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09 August 2011

A few newly finished figures

   I have finally finished Her Majesty (God Bless Her!), Victoria I, Empress of India, Queen of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain, etc., etc. The figure came from Eureka.

She is not amused.

   Next up is Khana Reeyah, the Exalted One. The figure is a Parroom Stations miniature that has been languishing in the bin for a few years, and on the table for a year or so. Finished him up finally. His white robes are a mark of his ritual purity. The blue and gold signify his royal status and House. The golden mask is worn at all times in public.

Khana Reeyah, the Exalted One

   Last, I finished the last touches on a unit of Aetherbattalion in 6mm. I used Baccus British colonials and paint converted them. I mean, really, in 6mm scale, can you tell the difference?

II. Battalion, AR. 1


rhingley said...

Excellent likeness of Her Majesty. Great looking figure and a very nice paint job.

Cronickain said...

I love that aetherbattalion. When's the con you're running the demo? I want to give you some prize support.

J Womack, Esq. said...

It's in November. 11-13th, I think.