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02 August 2011

Cavalry with Odd Lances Reported

   Mrs. Gertrude Hillingbotham, 89, of Lower West Whinging, Surrey, has told the Times that Saturday last she was nearly trampled by young men ahorse. While such things may not be uncommon during a rousing foxhunt, these young men were in the uniform of Her Majesty's cavalry. And armed with, of all things, a heavy lance!

   "What struck me as odd was the device at the end of the lance," complained Mrs. Hillingbotham. "Mister Hillingbotham was in the cavalry, you know, under the old King. You know, the German one, against the Corsican Ogre. And he certainly never carried any such nonsense when he was in service! My goodness, the very idea!"

  We immediately dispatched a reporter to obtain more information, but were pulled up short by the Horse Guards and a quote of the State Secrets and Treasons Act. More information about these men can probably be found here.

[Editor's Note: Colonel Gravis has made his Praetorian Rough Riders conversions available for sale. He does not have too many sets ready at the moment, so you may want to jump on it. I can foresee a purchase, but not at the moment. I'll be taking ten, eventually, to make up the cavalry portion of the Research Platoon. Heck, I already have the walkers!]

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