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22 June 2011

6mm When the Navy Walked Project Update

   Well, I have gotten all of the foot painted to date rebased. I like the new, smaller bases much better. As it now stands, each base represents a company of infantry, with four stands to the battalion. For the Prussians, this means that it will take twelve stands per regiment. I figure I want at least a brigade, preferably an entire division of troops. A division would be best because that brings in attached cavalry regiments.

Prussian Infantry Regiment
I and II Battalions in line, Fusilier Battalion in column between.

  Speaking of cavalry regiments, I decided that the fellows riding in the boring machines would be dragoons. So I'll be painting up some infantry as dragoons, but just four bases.

   I'm also going to use some Baccus colonial British to emulate Aetherbattalion. I think I will only do one battalion's worth, though. I might do a full regiment, but that would be the limit. In 6mm, the only details you notice are the helmets anyway. Color will do for the rest.

  And the walkers are officially Kurrassieren. And the FT-17s will be Hussars, as will the motorcycle- (excuse me, velocipede-) mounted troops. Still have the regiment of Uhlans, too. Need to put together my regiment of Jagers. And get more artillery. A division would have 12 batteries of field artillery. I only have four! I also need another pair of FT-17s.

Two Renault FT-17s, doing service in a Prussian Hussars Regiment

  As for the British, I haven't gotten much. I have enough to do three battalions of Highlanders. I will probably do one for Mars and two for Earth/Venus/Earthin. I need to get additional troops, preferably marching ones. I like those poses a lot for stand based gaming. One more thing to add to the Historicon shopping list, I suppose.

   Last thought for now: in future, I am going to be adding a rare earth magnet into the base of the figures. That way I can put them on small metal movement trays to speed up play.

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Cronickain said...

Very cool and it's an honor to see it in 6mm which originally inspired me to write those rules in the first place!