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20 April 2010

New Resin Awesomeness

So there I was, innocently browsing through my dashboard, checking out posts on the many blogs that I follow. And what do I see? A little bit from Colonel Gravis talking about how he has a guy selling castings of his parts in the US through Bartertwon. "Cool," thinks I. Click on link. Find following awesomeness:

One of the things I have wanted for a bit was a set of rider legs and all to make Praetorian/British VSF riders. Now all I gotta do is buy them, get some gashants, and assemble and paint them. Somewhere around 2030 ought to be the appropriate time table. But how cool is it?!?! Way cool is the answer, my friends. Way cool.

And then I saw this:
Remember Epic? Remember the Imperial Knights, kinda like miniature Titans? This is a resin Knight Paladin done in 28mm scale. Fracking huge, and I have no idea how much it costs. But this would be the kickest-ass major bad mojo for Doctor Maton EVER. Big time OOOO Shiny moments going on here.

And I swore I wouldn't buy anything more until Historicon. Must. Resist.

You can find more info about these here: Bartertown Link

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