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11 November 2009

Martian Construction Projects

Two New Buildings Begin Construction

Two new native Martian structures are under construction at this time. They are made in the traditional manner, of fitted stone covered in a layer of gritty stucco. They also have the familiar 'dust lip' threshold around the structures to prevent the fine dust deposited by the numerous sand storms across the Red Planet's face from entering the building at ground level.

A manufactory, with large vents in the ceiling to release the heat and noxious gases of industrial production. These vents can be quickly shuttered in case of storm activity. The central node houses the elevator equipment that leads to the subterranean manufactory.

An opulent home in construction. Notice the large water vapor extractor unit on the roof of the building. Luxury indeed, to provide your own water. It is believed the owners may soon begin selling water to their less fortunate neighbors.
[Editor's Notes: These are nominally going to be in 25mm, but nothing scale-specific has been added yet.]


Cronickain said...

Coming together nicely! I saw an entire battle on Tatoonie setup with boxes from cup holders and old cardboard that had been modified and painted to look like desert. They did a massively great job! Yours are looking very good too!

Eli Arndt said...

A great start there. Can't wait to see them finished.