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27 October 2009

Paint That Hath Touched Brush, Hath Touched Lead!


Did a bit of painting today. Took the day off. Originally, had a class to attend, but that got cancelled, and as I already had a substitute lined up for the day... I decided that I needed a mental health day.

So, I broke out the paints and primed lead. Started four figures:
  • the leader for my black and red Gaters, with a spear
  • the leader for a new set of Gaters, in blue and yellow, also armed with a spear
  • His Lordship Sir Gerald Blythingham, 1st Earl Mons Olympus, Viceroy for the British Crown Colony on Mars [Colonel Marbles figure]
  • Hon. Percival Harold Windsome, the Viceroy's son-in-law [Foundry DA series], a classic upper-class twit
I also primed ten High Martians from Space 1889's Kraag Warriors box set [RAFM], which I purchased this summer at Historicon's flea market. As long as I was out there spraying stuff, I put the matt finish on the lizard dogs and some pigs (15mm), with two stands each for Mars and Venus. The men have to have something to eat, after all.

Finally, I started working on a large palace piece of terrain. It's an interesting bit of computer box cardboard being spraypainted to fit in the Martian landscape.

So, after a long (too long!) hiatus, I had a productive day of gaming endeavours to report. It feels good. Maybe I'll keep it up for a bit.


Eli Arndt said...


Stop painting all that 28mm stuff!

Let's see some pics.


ColKillgore said...

Hear, Hear
The viewing public want pictures