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07 October 2009



Or somewhere, at any rate. Obviously, these fellows may be relatives of the bloodeye frogs of Venus. My eldest son, Greyson, found these at Historicon and bought a good number of them. It is his first real painting project. I think they look great for a 13 year old. Much better than I managed at the same age, I promise you!

I'm not positive of the sculptor, but the minis are avialable only through Eureka Miniatures. Nic Robson, the owner, came to H-con all the way from Australia, and was a really great guy. He seemed to enjoy talking with my boys all twenty times we visited his stand, and even sent along some rules for the amphibian lads! You can buy some direct from the US distributor at http://www.eurekaminusa.com/. Go now, and tell them I sent you! Look at the turtles too. We have some of those still waiting to be primed....

They still need to be based ( I need to get some bases ordered!), but I think they look awesome.

Finally, below is a shot of the newly based (but not yet dull coated) lizard dog thingy that I got from Splintered Light at Historicon. It is part of their 15mm Lizardman army, but the fellow manning the booth (whose name escapes me at the moment - sorry!) was very obliging when I asked if I could get just a few of these fellows. I love the three eyes.


Eli Arndt said...

Grey did an awesome job. Good solid color placement and looks like he's got some good brush control.

A little shading, highlighting, and a spot of detailing for character and he'll be a pro in no time. He's got the basics down well enough.

I still cheat and slop on the paint.

Pass a big thumbs up on from me,


J Womack, Esq. said...

Consider it passed on.

Neotacha said...

Very nice job for a first serious go. Looks like some good brush control, there.

I'd be tempted to try some patterns to break up the green a bit (mine are going to be painted like poison arrow frogs, when I get to them). A little dry-brushing across the hands and feet, and a good wash will make them absolutely delightful, rather than merely delightful.

When you get to the turtles, may I suggest looking at red-eared and yellow-eared sliders for inspiration? I'll bet he can do it well.

Anonymous said...

Nice, good colour, good, neat painting style. Might just be the photos but the eyes could do with being a little brighter. Can't be all nice however, not too fond of the base on the doggie, never liked lichen :)Anyhow, keep up the good work.


Cronickain said...

He should be very proud of himself as he did a great job! I wouldn't mind getting a few of these myself. How do you think they'd look next to 15mm?

J Womack, Esq. said...

They would be tolerably big... I'll see if I can't get a few photos taken and posted of what they look like next to 15mm. But, of course, if you're going to have anthropomorphic frogs, there's no reason you can't have giant anthropomorphic frogs...