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02 August 2009

July Monthly Wrapup

Sort of a busy month, July.

The biggest event was attending Historicon, obviously. Purchased a LOT of lead there. And I have started a bit on painting some of it. Call it 14 or so minis about 90% done except for bases (which I need to order more of - they rean out of the size I needed at Historicon!).

Got to play some games at Historicon, too, and that was fun. The game that I ran went pretty well, so no complaints on that score. Do wish I had been able to get another game on Saturday, but those are the breaks at the busiest con on the busiest day, I suppose.

Other game related progress was low. I did finish up 20 15mm Masked Minions in time for the game. No progress on the Aphid-class clone. A bit of terrain finished up, again for the game. Have been working on finishing the bases for about twenty minis painted by White Ape Studios for me, and almost done with those. Then they just need some dullcote and they're ready for the display cabinet and the battlefields of Venus.

So, projects for August:
  • Order more bases, plus some Reaper master Series paints for my son's frogs.
  • Finish lizard dogs, pigs and werewolves.
  • Finish bases for explorer, and lizardmen.
  • Prime, paint, and base High Martian box set (20 figures)
  • Finish at least 20 15mm Aetherbattallion troops and officers
  • Finish Martian masked leader.
  • Finish 10 Martian sepoys (25mm)
  • Prime paint and base prototype Gashant rider.

It's a tall order. Wish me luck!

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Eli Arndt said...

Sounds like a good enough chunk completed considering you had an event in there and all that surrounds the preparation for and recovery from.