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16 February 2009

Royal Xenological Society, Vol. 3

Martian Sand Tiger

Pictured above, for the first time, is the rampaging h'lee'rael, or Martian Sand Tiger. Johnny Martian may call it by some heathen name, but its proper scientific designation is Panthera marsticus tigris harenosus (P. m. tigris harenosus). Note the large claws on it's broad and powerful paws and multitude of needle-sharp teeth in the wide mouth. Also, the extra set of eyes, which allow it to see in the dark by way of the heat of a living body. Their striped bodies provide ideal camouflage in the sandy wastes of the Martian outback, and their lightning fast charge can overwhelm prey many times their own size.

Anyone in his right mind would think twice about venturing into the territory of one of these solitary killers. Thankfully, they are incredibly territorial, and adults only tolerate each other's presence during the mating season. Females will allow their young to remain in the den for the first year after birth. In times of poor hunting, the female will devour her own young without hesitation.

All in all, jolly good sport. I recommend a Holland & Holland .670 Express double rifle and a large number of bearers/drivers. It would be best to hunt from the vantage point of a low-flying vessel.

[Editor's note: The miniature in question is a Star Wars Miniatures game Nexu. I think I will buy one or two, just to put something rather ferocious on the ground in random events. I'll probably re-paint it.]


Eli Arndt said...

Nice choice of figures. The Nexu always seemed very pulpy to me. I may have to grab one or two for my collection.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Yeah, I saw one offered on eBay sort of randomly and thought to myself: "Huh, that looks like some kind of alien tiger. Wait a second! I could use an alien tiger!"