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25 December 2008

Working like a Mule

28 November …

The RTS Santa Fe departed for Earth as the rain passed today. It was a very busy day at work as we had to catch up on the days of work lost to the storms. Sergeants Garcia and Cromwell worked their respective crews to finish some projects and start new. Corporal Jones and his saw mill put in a long day as the fresh cut trees ran through the huge 48” blade. Corporal Mendoza managed to install the hand lever pump and catch basin today as one of the water wells was completed just before the storm. The manual hand pump will be in place until his crew can build the windmill replacement. I do feel better knowing our supply of fresh water is now securely within our walls.

Corporal Garza continued working on the fifty-seven SET Huts that now adorn our landscape, as walls and roofs were installed. Clothes line posts were also set in the dirt and cross arms installed today as well. I am definitely proud of my men and am thankful for their solid work ethic and the good NCOs who make my job easier.

Doctors Caruthers and Palmer, along with the officers, headed to the temple once again and stayed until the sun was setting in the west over the rainforest landscape. They have found some sort of writing and are still trying to translate the text. They are going to start a dig around the temple site to hopefully uncover a settlement of an ancient civilization. Who knows what they may find? Mr. Griggs was most excited and looked a little comical as his hair was still standing as he came through the gates. I took him off to the side and corrected his deficiency before he appeared before any of the men. After all, one job of a Staff NCO is to train the junior officers and also to help them save face when the need arises. For junior officers eventually become senior officers, and the respect they earn for their NCOs will carry them throughout their career.

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