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28 December 2008

Middle Age Artillery Practice

18 December …

What a splendid day! The two trebuchet crews, after an hour of basic artillery techniques, began to hurl stones into the air towards the ether landing pad area outside the perimeter walls. Corporals Mendoza and Ferguson both hurled at least one hundred stones today and we know one thing: it is much easier in theory and we need more practice. The targets were damaged and the trebuchets are definitely deadly as the stones came plunging down with massive force. Major Higgins and the other officers were delighted and the men enjoyed the spirit of competition and began to have a lot of respect for those ancient armies who used the trebuchet in battle. The sound of the stone as it leaves the sling is amazing and has to be frightening on the receiving end of the weapon.

We lost a day of work but we now have a strengthened sense of security beyond the walls of Fort Humid. Tomorrow it will be back to the grind stone and further progress on fort improvements. I will be happy when the exterior wall is finished and the defenses are in place as we received word today by messenger hawk from our English friends of an Imperial German attack against the French on Mars as the Huns bombarded the French positions at their colony of Noveau Paris. Although the Hun are not on this continent as of yet (it is the smallest of the Venusian continents) we still have to be prepared for the worse.

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