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16 July 2008

It seems I spoke too soon

The very day after writing that I felt my health troubles were behind me... I end up back in hospital for another night. Ahhh, the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. I could use the end result of that night for terrain. It would make a decent rock for 15mm troops, if the doctors were not so interested in studying it.
At any rate, once again in full command of my faculties, I eagerly post photostatic evidence of Progress in Her Majesty's Service.

Steam-powered cavalry support walkers... wonders never cease! I have not yet learned if these so-called "Sentinels" shall be fitted with voltaic rifles or flameguns. There has even been some rumor that Hale Patent Rockets may be fitted to their flanks, the better to rain fire upon the enemies of Her Majesty and all that oppose the Right Progress of Empire and Civilization across the Solar System. Huzzah!
Unfortunately, it will most likely be several weeks or even months before these fine examples of Brittanic craftsmanship shall be seen at their tireless Duty.
So, how do my recent purchases affect the Pledge? I have added seven 28mm troops and 2 vehicles, plus the dinosaur since last update. No finished painting, but a few small projects are getting nearer completion, including the first of the Clockwork Soldiers of Professor Otto Maton, the Mad Scientist of Lower Batavia.

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