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27 February 2014

Work in Progress, but no photos

   Due to the restrictions of the Lead Painters' League competition, I am not able to show the work currently in progress. However, I am working on several projects which are tied to Victorian Science Fiction right now, including some additions to Professor Maton's 28mm forces, and two factions for Empire of the Dead. I can't say more right now for fear that I would be disqualified from competition. Between the LPL and graduate school, there is little time left for other gaming pursuits. I have managed to get in another game of In Her Majesty's Name (Lizardmen vs. Lord Curr, and I won!), and I have received an interesting Adventuring Company to include in the next issue of The Aethergraph, which I still hope to release sometime in May. Probably about the middle of the month, once my school semester is done.

   I did spend some time cleaning up and reorganizing my Man Cave, after the memsahib threatened to let our cleaning lady loose to discard whatever she thought was trash. Naturally, I spent a few hours in panicked attack on the room. I found that I have literally hundreds of minis - possibly thousands, honestly - just sitting about, doing nothing. I know that shocks you. I shall soon get a list together of items that need a new home, many of them non-VSF.

   And, since I can't show you any photos of the minis I am working on, I thought I would share a few shots of the IHMN game Zach and I played the other day.

Battlefield layout. Central building is a spawning pool.

Lizardmen Defensive Perimeter. The scenario required them to defend the pool.

Lord Curr's Incorrigibles arrive from the south.


Paul oftheManCave said...

Just because something isn't being used doesn't mean its unwanted or unnecessary!

J Womack, Esq. said...

No, but I do have some things just laying about that I shan't ever get to; I've moved on and away from them.