02 August 2016

Reading on Zeppelin Raids

   I picked this up on sale at the Imperial War Museum in London a couple of weeks ago. Why? Because zeppelins! So far - and I am only about 30-40 pages into it - it's a good read.

From blackpowdergames.blogspot.com

01 August 2016

Additional Protection from Aggressive Saurians

   British subjects and Texican citizens on Venus may breathe a little easier, sleep a little more soundly tonight, as additional pylons for the Anti-Saurian Galvanic Barrier have been completed and are ready for emplacement. These additional pylons will significantly increase the area of protection from pesky carnivorous dinosaurs, lizardmen, Germans, etc.

Four repeating posts. (Two more already finished elsewhere)

Two powered posts.

26 July 2016

The Joy of Six

Six Millimeter, that is!

Whilst journeying through Great Britain the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to attend the Joy of Six gaming show in Sheffield. It was a nice little show, with several interesting demo games, and a good set of vendors, including Baccus, Brigade, and Heroics and Ros.

The most interesting games I saw were a Star Wars game using X-Wing rules for ground combat (an assault on Hoth with truly awesome AT-ATs), and SAGA being played with bases of 6mm figures in place of the single 28mm standard. As far as I could see, there were no other rules changes, though I didn't play in it. It did make it seem more like warbands than the dozen or so figures involved in a standard game of SAGA.

I purchased some figures of Victorian interest from Baccus while there, principally a set of Imperial French for Franco-Prussian Wars. Or, as the case may have it, for my own use as a Legion Extraterrestriale, the extra-solarian forces of La Belle France. I also picked up some Mahdists for use as Martians and some more British for use as, well, British.

I will, of course, get those painted straight away... I figure you will get to see photos sometime around 2021 at the current rate of production. I really need to get some brush time in.

29 June 2016

Another Victorian Wargamer

Shed Wars: The Colonial Wars - Zulu Part 1: Having recently completed my English Civil War project and loving the image of big battles with 28mm figures I am going to kick off another ...

30 May 2016

Absent Friends

In Memoriam:

Major Nathan W. Anderson '02, USMC
Captain Ernesto M. Blanco '98, Army
Second Lieutenant Peter Burks '03, Army
Lieutenant Colonel Doctor David E. Cabrera '92, Army
Major Shawn M. Campbell '01, USMC
Captain Todd Tyler Christmas '00, Army
Lieutenant Colonel Todd Clark '94, Army
Second Lieutenant Zachary R. Cook '08, Army
First Lieutenant Timothy Cunningham '04, Army
Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Don Dickerson '92, Army
Captain Brenton Dodgen '09, Army
Specialist William Edwards '06, Army
Specialist Daniel Gomez '08, Army
Captain Lyle Gordon '97, USMC
Sergeant First Class Merideth Howard '76, Army
First Lieutenant Doyle M. Hufstedler III '01, Army
Airman First Class James Adam Lassiter '08, USAF
First Lieutenant Laterron Lee '12, USMC
Captain Dario Lorenzetti '92, Army
Captain Sean Edward Lyerly '98, Texas National Guard
Sergeant William Meeuswen '03, Army
First Lieutenant Jeremy Ray '04, Army
First Lieutenant Jonathon Rozier '01, Army
Captain Blake Russell '98, Army
Chief Warrant Officer Richard Salter '85, Army
First Lieutenant Ryan Sanders '01, Army
Captain Sean Patrick Sims '94, Army
Staff Sergeant Christopher N. Staats '01, Texas National Guard
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Stratton '91, USAF
Lieutenant Colonel Roy Lin Tisdale '92, Army
First Lieutenant Matthew R. Vandergrift '03, USMC
Staff Sergeant Jason Scott Wallace '09, USAF
Corporal Christopher West '04, Army
Sergeant Graham Woody '08, Army
Major Matthew Worrell '94, Army
Lance Corporal Luke Yepsen '08, USMC