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21 February 2014

Das Holzfallermaschinen Unveiled at Last

   The Imperial German governor of Venusstaadt has announced the arrival of a new agricultural walker, the Holzfallermaschinen (Lumberjack Machine). Originally designed to assist in the clearance of the dense jungle terrain in Germany's tropical colonies on Earth, the Holzfallermaschinen carries a large buzzsaw, a pincer claw, and a flamesprayer. It's steel shell is tough to withstand falling debris from trees it is clearing. The clanking monstrosity of machinery is perfect for slash-and-burn land clearance, able to clear several acres of dense jungle foliage in a single day.

   When military emergency arises (as so often happens), the tough "Holz" has been fitted with a machinegun by the Imperial Army and sent off to fight for the Kaiser. 

[Editor's Notes: The Holz is obviously a Games Workshop 40K Ork dreadnought. From the early 2000s, I think. All metal, I purchased it at Historicon in the flea market last summer. $8, if I recall correctly.]


Anonymous said...

Nice use of a 40K mini!

Only point would be, that it is "Die Holzfällermaschine" in German. ;-)

pancerni said...

Nice re purpose-ing of the kit.

I will need to dig up my egg shaped (early '90's) 'can' and do an update.

It was a good deal at the flea market, sit down if you ever scan the new prices. ;-)