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02 March 2014

Annual Barbecue at the Texas Legation Tonight

   In honor of the day the Republic of Texas declared itself independent from Mexico, the Texican Legate and his wife will host a traditional Texas-style picnic meal. On the menu are a variety of hot smoked beef cuts with a savory sweet 'barbecue' sauce, chili con carne, cornbread, a cold potato salad, stuffed cabbages, and something called 'tamales'. Dessert will be pecan pie. Of course, beer and whiskey will be available to drink, as will punch or iced tea for teetotallers and young children.

   A solemn ceremony of remembrance will take place at noon, with bugler playing retreat and a rifle salute to the Texican fallen - 186 shots in total, one for each man who fell at the Alamo siege. Food will be served beginning at 4:00 in the afternoon, until it all runs out. Last year, this was near midnight. Fireworks will be shot skyward immediately after dark. The best view of the fireworks will be on the eastern edge of Victoria Landing, opposite the downport.

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DeanM said...

Hmmmm, barbeque...I want some...