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17 January 2014

In Her Majesty's Name: Crates of Doom!

The Setup: Six crates were lost while transporting them from the Lost Tomb to Cairo. Rumor says that Professor Higgins-Bote had located Akhenaton's sacred regalia. Lord Curr wants a finder's fee. Akhenaton wants his sacred regalia to control the world!

I played the Cult of Ra, and Zach took over Lord Curr's Incorrigibles.

My plan: use the worthless-in-a-fight cultists to grab the crates with the Professor to cover them, and let my three good fighters hold off the enemy.

His plan: Shoot the cultists before they escape with the crates.

I just couldn't kill them! Twice Curr made his Pluck roll exactly.

   The terrifying aspects of Akhenaton and the mummy ran off two of Zach's characters. Mad Mick never amounted to much, but Mohan Singh shot up Akhenaton. Curr and his cronies killed Sairah (no gentlemen, these British!).

   In the end, Zach won on points, although I recovered three crates to his one. Only one of mine held anything (random roll to determine which ones had contents), and I needed two to make up the points lost for all my dead cultists (only one survived!). We made a few mistakes that were costly for me (the volley rule tore me up, but we did it wrong). I also lost track of my Mystical Powers, so they didn't get used very well.

   We had a good time, however, and learned from our few mistakes, I think. Next time, the glory of the ancient pharaohs shall triumph!


Natholeon said...

Cool report, thanks.

DLI said...

Bravo Sir

Anonymous said...

I do so like your graphic approach to AAR's :)
Glad you enjoyed it.

Christopher Sheets said...

Wonderful write-up, wonderful strip depicting the battle. So, so inspiring!

Phil said...

Nicely done! Excellent comic's style!

John Lambshead said...

Jolly god show. Lovely Batrep. I am very fond of IHMN