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23 January 2014

Naval Brigade Jack Tars Arrive

   Sailors from HMAS Minotaur have been armed with rifles and disembarked in order to secure downport facilities in Victoria Landing. Recent unfortunate events with native malcontents in the Crown Colony have made an increase in downport security a necessity. Government sources indicate that several credible threats have been made against the fuel and ammunition depot, requiring additional security beyond that provided by the Army. Certainly, we all feel much safer with these additional loyal Crown servants protecting our vital interests and infrastructure here in the Crown Colony.

[Editor's Note: These are eleven 15mm naval brigade armed sailors, manufacturer unknown (but I suspect Old Glory), and purchased years ago at Historicon flea market. I finally rebased and touched up the paint on them to make them fit in with my other minis.]

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DeanM said...

They do have that Old Glory pose-look. Nice in any case. Dean