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18 March 2012

A New Landship Arrives!

HMLS Suffolk

   A state of the art vehicle, the Suffolk is powered by a quadruple expansion steam engine, and utilises the Farrington Rotary Track drivetrain. Her armour's thickness is secret, but is rumoured to be able to withstand a direct hit from a Krupps field gun at close range. She is armed with a QF 6-pdr in a powered turret, and a coaxial automatic rifle. Her top speed, like her armour thickness, is a secret, but the Suffolk will certainly outpace the infantry she is assigned to protect.

   The Suffolk was produced by Ironclad Industries, who are responsible for a number of innovative landship designs in recent years. In their system of designation, she is a "Steam 05".

[Editor's Note: I finished the Suffolk last month, but am finally getting around to putting out pictures of her. I am very happy with this model, and will be buying more from Ironclad as time and finances allow. I am particularly fond of the looks of Steam 12, the aeronef, and Steam 14 for a German tank. Yes, I know it looks like an A7V, but I think it looks great. I also like the Steam 4 "Armoured Steam Carriage". I would fit it with a spar torpedo for a fast attack craft, possibly French?]


DeanM said...

Very cool vehicle and commentary! Made me look up the FA.R.T. drivetrain :! Best, Dean

Pat G said...

Very Nice!