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31 March 2012

An Interesting Terrain Tile Method

   I won't bore you with a repost, but you should check out this link to Wargames and Stuff, a blog by a fellow named Brent. I don't know him personally, but he has devised a method of making 1' x 1' tiles that seems very inexpensive (always nice!) and fairly tough. On top of all of that, the instructions are really pretty simple. So, check it out. Kick the tires. I'm kind of thinking about giving his ideas a shot in the near future.

  End of the month coming up rapidly. Will I finish my goals? Oh, the anxiety! I am sure you all wait with baited breath to learn the dread secrets of my man cave...

   Oh, and for the record, I did not win the MegaMillions on my own. Might have with the pool of tickets from school. If we won, there will be a large number of people calling in rich once we have the money. I think I will get about $10 million in my share, pre-tax. So I should only owe a few thousand once the taxes are assessed...

   Yes, that was a joke. It's late.

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