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12 June 2011

The Research Platoon Finished at last!

   Well, virtually finished. All that is left is some touch-up work on the flame-projectionist. For those of you that haven't been following this blog for years, the Research Platoon is attached to the Research and Development Department of the Royal Artillery. They are the brave chaps who actually carry the sometimes temperamental devices invented by the boffins in the labs out for actual field service. All in Her Majesty's Service, of course. And the extra hazardous duty pay doesn't hurt recruitment, either.

   At any rate, the establishment is ten men, including one officer, an NCO, and eight other ranks. The men are primarily armed with a Photon Emission Rifle, though you will often find someone armed with more exotic fare: a portable Congreve Launcher, a Flame Projector, and a Caloric Ray Emitter.

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