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10 June 2011

More New Victoriana from Foundry

   I really like Foundry's models, in general. I really do. I just think they tend to be a bit too pricey. However, there are a few new packs that I am extremely tempted to purchase for my VSF games.

[Photos from Foundry website. Used w/o permission. If you own the rights and wish me to remove, just let me know.]

   These figures just shout to be used as character models, armed civilians, that sort of thing. The other new packs (some have been out for a bit, but still...) also include constables, merchants, gentlemen and ladies, street urchins, ne'er-do-wells and "women of negotiable virtue." Most of them are equally useful, and I am considering the armed constables especially. Mix in some of the VSF types from Lead Adventure, and they would make a good unit for defending Her Majesty's property.

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The Red Right Hand said...

Those are great for Characters! I just wish Foundry wasn't so expensive.