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28 March 2011

*SNIFF* I love that new toy smell...

   I arrived home from work this afternoon, after a long and exhausting day, to find not one, but two (joy!) packages awaiting me at home.

  The first came from Ironclad Miniatures in the UK. A new steam tank, some Prussians I think will be used as aethermarines, and a couple of officers. One British officer and one Prussian. Well, actually, i got two of the same British officer.

Steam Tank, disassembled.

Prussian aethermarines

Officers: Prussian, left, and British, right

   The other package came via a purchase on TMP. The entire boxed set of Sky Galleons of Mars by GDW, complete with ships and a surprise extra! I only paid $50 for this and am extremely happy.

Sky Galleons of Mars!

The Extra

   A complete set of RAFM's Space 1889 Victorian Adventurers! I took this photo from RAFM's site; the minis I got were not as nicely painted and show a  lot of wear. But they are in good condition, just need new paint! These go for $10/set on RAFM's site, so I got the SGoM for an equivalent $40. And I have always wanted to get some of these figs, so real bonus result!


Eli Arndt said...

Nice score!

Can't wait to see the tank done.

ColKillgore said...

I recently broke out the SGOM set and played a game with a buddy of mine. I love the game but unfortunately nobody else locally does. It has sparked a personal return to VSF gaming.

ArmChairGeneral said...

really cool man! These are great!