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27 March 2011

Nations of Earth: A Listing, circa 1880

Republic of Texas (The old 1836 republic, plus the fomrer Mexican states of Sonora and Chihuahua, and Baja California)
British Empire (Pretty much as history, with Canada messed up)
United States of America (much smaller than our history, devastated by the Civil War)
Vancouver Free State (Oregon, Washington and parts of British Columbia)
Quebec (French speaking Canada, politically seperate from the remainign portions of Canada)
Imperial Mexico (Maximillian proved to be popular, as was his adopted Mexican son and heir)
Brazilian Empire (Brazil, an expansionist power in South America)
Empire of California (California, Nevada, Arizona, part of New Mexico)
Papal States (Confed. of Italian States; Rome is capital of Papal States and the Confederation)
Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Confed. of Italian States)
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Republic of Venice (Confed. of Italian States)
Knights of Malta (Confed. of Iitalian States)
Kingdom of Spain
Second Empire of France
German Empire
Kingdom of Piedmont-Savoy (part of Confederation of Italian States)
Kingdom of Hawaii (a close friend of the British, some would say a protectorate)
Russian Empire (Mostly historical, retaining Alaska)
Empire of Japan
Confederacy of Bolivar (a loose confederation of several South American states to resist Brazil)
Ottoman Empire
Union of Kalmar (Sweden, Norway and Denmark; ruler alternates between the three kings)
Theocratic Republic of Deseret (Most of Utha, parts of Idaho and Montana)
New Eire (the Fenian Republic, was once Nova Scotia)

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ColKillgore said...

I like the Gazeteer of your backgrounds Nations. I have been toying with get a VSf roleplaying game going again and might borrow your idea. A simple list that defines many of the differences between your timeline and your original one.