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31 March 2011

An Interesting Find for Steampunk Clergy

   Thanks to a news item on TMP, I discovered some new minis that might be of interest to VSF and pulp gamers. They are from Germany, and a bit pricey, but look nice. The company is Masquerade Miniatures. Look in the Pillbug City line. Scale is 30mm, nominally. I can't tell how they compare to other lines.
Electro-priest, anyone?
Good one for a Preacher, but not very Catholic

Catholic. But a bit less VSF-y.

This fellow is a candidate for a monstrosity, a la Doctor Moreau.

   I hope this small selection is helpful in getting the old creative juices flowing. I still need a good warrior priest for my Papal States. Of course, they are mostly in 15mm at this point, but I could do a 25/28mm set. But these guys are 30mm. Oh, decisions, decisions...

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