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31 March 2011

Beautiful Ship Model!

   Oh, you have to check this out!

   This is a test model of the new Leviathan for Catlayst Games's airship game. they plan to sell the ships "lightly pre-painted," which apparently means easy to change if you want to do so. I like to think of it as "pre-primered." The ship is nominally in 1:1200 scale, and to quote from their own website:
"this miniature is approximately 13cm in length, 4cm in width (bulging Telsa Trim Tank to bulging Tesla Trim Tank; fins on the back are hair wider than that) and 3.5 cm from keel to the top of the funnels (slightly higher to the top of the antennae"
   RUN to their site for more. This looks really sweet, and truely 'leviathan.' I bet that if I flattened the bottom, it would make a truly sweet landship for my 6mm WtNW project, too...

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