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08 March 2011

Recently Seen Around the Planets

Engineers Proudly Unveil New Walker

  The peerless science of the Empire has produced a new wonder with which to make the enemies of Her Majesty (God Bless Her!) tremble in their boots. The Cavor-Smythe Three-Legged Steam Walker stalks across the landscape with ease, at a speed no horse can match. Its crew of five are protected from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by a thick protective layer of armor. Its armament of a steam-powered Gatling gun spray the foe with a hail of lead, wiping them from the field should they be so foolish as to venture forth when this mighty behemoth stalks the battlefield.

Cavor-Smythe Walker
[Black Hat Miniatures, 15mm]

3rd Rhineland Infantry Reg't. No. 29

   The 3rd Rhineland Infantry has recently arrived on Venus. They are shown here on field maneuvers just outside the palisade of their camp near Venusstaadt. Herr Kapitan von Gruber wields his sword, encouraging his men forward. I hope that their presence on Venus is merely to suppress the indigenous wildlife and native populations as their foreign ministry has assured the representatives of Her Majesty's Government.

Prussian Infantry
[Black Hat Miniatures, 15mm]

[Editor's Note: There is more stuff on the table right now. If you want to see them, hop on over to The Scattergun Gamer, my other blog. Feels good to be getting a bit of painting accomplished.]


Eli Arndt said...

All excellently executed sir! Your Germans look amazing.


J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks, Eli. I like 'em. I used a new product on them: GW's Devlan Mud. As a wise man once said: "It's magic!"

ArmChairGeneral said...

WOW! Maybe we can make you an official painter too? :D

J Womack, Esq. said...

I am pretty happy with how these Germans came out. I used some tuft grass for the first time with them, too. Just on the officer and ensign, but it looks good.