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10 March 2011

6mm WtNW Project

  Followers of this blog will know that I am involved with the development of the Victorian Science Fiction rules set titled When the Navy Walked. The rules are geared primarily towards 15mm figures, and can be used easily with 25mm figures as well.

   One of the many projects on which i am working is adjusting things for 6mm figures. To that end, I have bought some Franco-Prussian War Prussians for Imperial Germans, Mahdists to make Martians, and colonial British for, well, the British. I've also been buying up some 6mm sci-fi and other pieces to make steamtech machinery. I've even posted photos of some of the 6mm Germans and Martians. The British are newly acquired and not yet out of the package even.

   One thing I have discovered is that the first bases I put the figures on just does not work for me. I had some FOG bases (40 x 15mm and 40 x 20mm). The bases are too wide. So, I have to rebase them. I think I am going to go with a base half as wide. The good news about that is that I will only use half as many figures per base, so I will double my bases (it's a base-based rather than a figure-based game). I guess I need to get hold of Litko and order some 20x15 and 20x20 bases next.

  I will give more progress updates as the project moves forward.

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