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11 March 2011

Chronoscope Line Potentials

   I am partial to a lot of the minis that Reaper Miniatures makes. I am especially fond of the Chronoscope line. While checking them out recently, I found the following figures that I just knew would be of interest to my fellow VSF gamers.

   The first one is a steam-power armored hero, carrying a big pipe wrench. An excellent servitor for any automaton force in 25mm.

50165: Decker Lugstampf, Steampunk Hero

   A classic nightstick-armed Peeler. Useful for RPGs, or scenarios. Probably not much use on a battlefield, but used to conduct the women and children to safety while the troops defend the settlement? I could see that.
50106: British Bobby

   While this is ostensibly the ever-loyal companion of Mister Sherlock Holmes, this figure of Doctor Watson would serve well for any armed Victorian (later Victorian) era gentleman.
50060: Doctor John Watson

   This is not my favorite clockwork or automaton servitor around. But, it has its own charm, and felt it should be included with the rest of this listing.
50063: Jeeves, Clockwork Robot

   I like this little guy. He's quite short, but he looks like something straight out of the old sci-fi pulps. Bubbling beakers? Check! Engorged cranium? Check! Maniacal laugh? Check! And they had a shot of one painted up, so I shared it with you. Painted by Michael Proctor.

50061: Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist

   Hope this has been helpful or inspiring to you.

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