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12 March 2011

New Otto Maton?

Herr Doktor Maton's Newest Invention

   Herr Otto Maton has developed a new suit of power-assisting armor, shown here. We shudder to think what might be the result of this new, devilish equipment's introduction into Maton's mechanickal hordes. He'll certainly be more powerful on the battlefield and faster at repairing any sort of trouble with his large horde of mechanickal minions.

[Editor's Note: This is a March release from Wyrd Miniatures, called Hoffman (as you can see in the photo I swiped from TMP, which was swiped from Wyrd's website). Too cool - he's gonna replace my current Doktor Maton as soon as I can get my hands on him and get him painted up. The current Maton - which is Parroom Station's Automaton Master - will be demoted to chief lieutenant.]


Eli Arndt said...

that is a nice fgure. So much of Wyrd's stuff is just way over the top for me, but this isn't that bad.


J Womack, Esq. said...

I agree. Some of Wyrd's stuff is too crazy. But this piece is good. I also like the steam spiders - I have unit of them, you know.