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10 February 2011

A Competitor for Your Attentions!

   Ladies and gentlemen, I know that I need not warn you to pay no heed to the incoherent ramblings of the banal and barely literate authors of this journal's newest competitor. Who are they? Well, they call themselves "For Queen and Country, or Manifest Larceny." Started by someone callking himself Chad Thorsson. Obviously an attempt to blame his sick rantings on our noble Scandinavian friends.

   Surely this flimsy excuse for journalism will fold soon. So you should, if you are one of those inclined to view wreckage, immediately proceed to their telephonic differencing engine location before the authorities shut them down.

[Editor's Note: No good can be said about them. But if you want more VSF-y goodness, I suppose it might be worth venturing over there, briefly, before returning here for news and entertainment of real value. *grin*]


Atom Kid said...

I suppose all publicity is still good pubicity. :)

J Womack, Esq. said...

I hope the smiley means that you got that I was kidding around, right?

Sometimes my little jokes go too far, and its hard to judge reaction on a computer screen.

Atom Kid said...

I got the joke. I always worry about that when I write something that's more tongue-in-cheek. Humor is harder over the computer.

ArmChairGeneral said...

Humor is funny when delivered with seriousness.