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07 February 2011

Popular Mechanicks, Issue #3

August, 1915
Crafty British Build Low Cost Gunship

  Due to wartime economies, His Majesty's Government has developed a low-cost alternative to the more traditional but expensive airship. The new Dirigible Gunship, pictured below, is filled with H+, an artificially created lighter-than-air gas which is totally non-flammable. The design will also permit the Empire to extend its supply of unobtainite for heavier craft.

  The new gunship is capable of travelling for extended distances, with an impressive load of bombs and defensive armaments. It also has the advantage of being aethertransportable, and so can be produced here on Earth at the heart of the industrial might of the British Empire, packed and shipped to the offworld colonies on Mars and Venus, to batter the Hun!

[Editor's Note: This model is from Hanger 18 FASA's"Sky Kings" range. There are other impressive models there as well. Designed for a Weird War II setting, it seems, they are still very useful for an earlier period with enough handwaving. The model in question is 70mm long, and retails for $3.75. Since the decals are 1/285 according to their website, I assume the vehicles are supposed to come in about that size as well. I plan to use it for my 6mm WtNW force, and possibly the larger German one as well. Boy, is my pocket book running away from me!]


ArmChairGeneral said...

Great price! Nice ship too!

inrepose said...

Great use of this model and the paint scheme is excellent.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Not my paint job - the photo is lifted from their site.

I hope no one minds, but if they do, well, I will be glad to remove it. However, I think of it as free advertising, right? And who doesn't want that?