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11 February 2011

Prussian Line

6th East Prussian Regiment Nr. 43:
Deploying to Venus?

  Reports have been filtering in via aethrgraphic relay that a new regiment of German Imperial troops is mobilising for departure to the Venusstadt garrison. This regiment, the 6th East Prussian Regiment (Nr. 43) has for years been brigaded with the elite 1st Grenadier Regiment (Kronprinz). The increase in German presence on the Jungle Planet is worrying for Her Majesty's government. Sadly, the militaristic history of the German Empire leads many to believe the worst of them and their motives.

   To date, it is known for certain that the regiment has been practicing aethership loading andaether-transport drills. It is the sincere hope of this journal that the Hun is not thinking of reaching his dirty paws out to grab for territory rightly belonging to Her Britannic Majesty (God Bless Her!) on Venus or elsewhere in the System. Though surely he would receive a well-earned thrashing, the expenditure of gold and blood on such a venture would be unfortunate for the Empire.

[Editor's Note: Jingoistic as it may be, I do have some Prussians coming off the painting table soon. A good twenty of them hav ebeen started, and are nearing completion, but the hour got late last night ere I could complete the task. Perhaps tomorrow, as tonight I have other nefarious plans.]


Atom Kid said...

The bloody bosch are at it again, eh?

I've got some Foundry Germans from their Franco-Prussian war line. I need to get those painted up!

Eli Arndt said...

Those dratted Germans! You'll have to show us pics.

J Womack, Esq. said...

Working on getting them finished - fairly close on the first unit of ten, and halfway or so on the second unit.

There's a surprise element with them, but that's waiting for another post.

In 25mm, I have some of the Parroom Station Prussians that I haven't even primed yet. Maybe I'll send them off to be painted.

Remember - never trust the Hun!