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02 March 2010

Well Wishes for Texas Citizens

Texicans Declare Republic on This Date, 46 Years Ago

In 1836, a group of valiant men met secretly in the small town of Washington-on-the-Brazos in what is now the Houston Province of the Republic of Texas. They signed a document which meant their deaths if captured, but liberty for their entire nation if successful in their rebellion.

Fellow residents of Victoria's Landing, please extend your congratulations to Texicans you meet today. His Excellency the Viceroy will be hosting a dinner in honor of the event, for the Texican Consul, Mister Andrew Jackson Houston, at Government House tonight.

Also, please do not be overly concerned by the sound of numerous gunshots coming from the Texican Quarter tonight. They are most likely the result of a few Texicans imbibing a bit too heavily of the local arrack and celebrating independence by firing their revolvers into the air. Residents of the city are encouraged to remain indoors after dark, to avoid accidental injury from falling bullets. Last year, three people and a Martian were injured by the 'lead rain.'

[Editor's Note: In our reality, this event did occur on March 2, 1836, at Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas. Today is Texas' 164th birthday. Still the only independent nation to willingly join the Union, and probably the only one that ever will be. Oh, and the bit about people being injured by falling bullets? That happens every year on the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve. Happy Birthday, Texas!]

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