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03 March 2010

March Goals

Keeping the two main genres I am working on currently separate, I will only mention that I have 4 mounted and about 24 foot for WarHemorrhage as part of my goals for the month.

In the realm more properly associated with this blog, here are my goals for this month:
  • 1x Praetorian Autocannon and crew (3 pts)
  • 1x Praetorian Heavy Bolter and crew (3 pts)
  • 1x Warbot Destroyer (1 pt)
  • 10x Steam Turtles (10 pts)
  • 10x Empress British (10pts)
  • 1x Brass Arachnid (1 pt)
  • Finish the Stegadon crew (4 pts)
So about 32 points worth, based on my scale, for VSF, plus about 32 points for that other thing. If I could just get hold of three more Praetorians with lasguns, I could finish that unit (the R&D platoon) off for good. I am looking forward to working on those Empress figures - something I have been just not getting around to for a while now. The steam turtles, warbot and brass arachnid will nearly finish off the Automaton forces. Still need to do the masked minions, a unit of 'halfjacks' [Privateer's Cygnar faction for Warmachine] and a vehicle that I am sort of modifying off and on, but that will be it. At least for now. Probably.

Unless I get "Oooh! Shiny!" again.


Eli Arndt said...

What's with the points thing?

J Womack, Esq. said...

A new way of figuring out how much painting I am getting done. I saw it on a few other blogs, thought I would try it out. It works like this: 1 point for a 25mm fig, 2 if mounted or a gun. Half for 15mm figs. A 2mm vehicle (Aeronef) is 1 point, too. Unless it's really big, but I don't think I have any that big. I suppose I need to figure in Battlemechs too since I have been painting those as well. 2 pts? Anyway... later!