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24 February 2010


Our little journal here has, with this notice, officially reached 350 notices. We'd like to thank all the little people, and hope you stick around for the next few hundred or so.

At this milestone, I think I should ask if it would make sense to broaden the scope of this journal to all of my gaming activities. A poll for next month, I suppose. Currently, I have three seperate blogs for different gaming interests, and I killed one about a year or so back when the Napoleonics phase died out. I could simply combine all three into one, and add in the random bits and bobs as well into one massive empire of wargame blogging.

Or I could keep going as I am, with the terrain blog (least often updated right now), the VSF blog (right here!), and the Warhammer blog (check it out - it's new and shiny and spikey with lots of skulls: http://warhemorrhage.blogspot.com) for all that.

One last thought: Sunday is my birthday. Gifts approrpriate to your station will be accepted graciously. So get to it. :)

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Eli Arndt said...

Taken from my own experience, it is best to lump it into one blog. Nobody expects you to parse it all out into a ton of blogs. Having a seperate blog for a specific campaign or some such is one thing, but your hobby stuff has a tendancy to intermingle and feed back into itself so why not keep it all here.

Also, I have seen several occasions when you have posted the same thing to multiple blogs, which just seems very time-wasting. I'd rather see you post more in-depth to a single blog and/or more posts to the same blog.

That's my two GP worth.