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24 February 2010

Majestically Soaring

Airships Over Mars

Two photostats of a vehicle currently offered for auction via the telephonic differencing engine interchange. The builder was Arsenale Shipyards. I would be interested to learn if additional models are available from the same shipyard, and have contacted the current owner of the vessel in question.

Currently, she seems to be in need of some repair, either replacing her aerial propeller (if she is a screw vessel) or her masts need to be stepped (if destined to be a kite).

But a trim little vessel, when all is said and done, I think.

[Editor's Note: This is indeed currently for sale on eBay. If any of you try to poach it from me, I will wish all sorts of bad luck on you. I'll let you all know if the manufacturer (Arsenale Shipyards, of Florida) is still in the biz or not. It screams "KITE!" to me, but your VSF mileage may vary.]


Arsenale Shipworks said...

The vessel in question, a liftwood Skipray, was laid down in the Rhodian Shipyards under the care of master shipright Corradine Glotho.

Other vessels produced by Arsenale Shipworks can be found at:

or you can contact them directly at:

J Womack, Esq. said...

Do you have to signup for Squidoo in order to view the catalog? I don't see how you view anything from the site you gave unless you have to sign in to view.

Do you have a print (horror!) catalog?

Your stuff looks really nice. If I win the Skipray, I'll review it here in more detail.