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10 January 2015

Tiny Flyers for Dystopian Wars

I have a few questions about what the larger community is up to with them. 

First, are you color coding each wing? That is, do you use red for fighters, yellow for dive bombers, etc.?

If so, what color do you use for each type? Is there an official scheme from Spartan? Please comment. 

Second, have you 'freed' your flyers from the token base? How hard was it?

Third, do you have some sort of movement tray for your wings? Does someone sell nice ones with maybe a die holder for the fuel die?

Please answer (or add questions of your own) in the comments. 

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Falconius Azurius said...

I got myself some WW1 air units for use with DS from Tumbling Dice because I wasn't happy with the tiny flyers. For stands I'll be using the metal spider fighter stands from GZG full thrust range. They don't have a dice holder though. You might find that from Litko.