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22 January 2015

Federated States Fleet Sighted!

   In December, while wandering about the FLGS, I saw they had an old box of the Dystopian Wars Federated States of America Battle Group on sale. It wasn't much off price, probably only about $10, but hey... it's $10, right? So I picked it up.

   As of this moment, I need to finish the flyers and four frigates to complete the box. Like my other Spartan Games minis, they are a lot of fun to paint. The detail is crisp and I have yet to find a bubble in their resin. Pictures of my version will have to wait a few weeks, because I am entering the Lead Painters' League competition again, and need to build up some items for entries. I have a personal rule that only minis I have painted in the current year can be entered, and they have a rule that no minis that have been shown off elsewhere can be entered. SO... sorry guys, but you're going ot have to wait.

   In the meantime, here is what the box looks like/contains:

   I do not believe this particular combination is available any longer, unless you find it as I did. Spartan does have a similar group, with the addition of a Saratoga-class carrier.

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Paul O'G said...

I bout the new Commodore edition rules and all the Campaign books but haven't gotten around to buying any ships yet! I'd really like to get into this game in a big way.