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12 November 2014

Progress on The Aethergraph Vol.3 #3

   Progress is continuing. I have some really great articles that have been submitted for this upcoming issue. I am still hoping to have it out before Thanksgiving - I only have a couple of pages to fill.

   I may have previously mentioned, but this issue is dedicated primarily to In Her Majesty's Name. This set of rules has become my go-to for 28mm skirmish VSF. I still prefer GASLIGHT for larger scale battles, but for a very few figures, I have really gotten fond of IHMN. 

   Of course, I am also proud of the work I did on When The Navy Walked and the supplements. And I enjoy Dystopian Wars, too. I still don't get why they did Dystopian Legions in 32mm scale. Nice figures, but I haven't bought a single one. Just too darned big, and with four scales of VSF already, I don't need to add a fifth.

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Eli Arndt said...

I am glad you are still doing this man. Even if infrequently, it is nice to see fanzines come out.