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19 November 2014

Canine Automatons

   Found these whilst perambulating aimlessly across the telephonic interweb of differencing engines. This blighter has some canine automatons for sale. An American chap, obviously, selling them off at 3 for the price of $7.00. He's some cats as well, but I'm an Englishman, not my spinster Aunt Amelia.

28mm scale
Crossover Miniatures Robo-Dogs


Michael Awdry said...

Priceless! I love them.

Paul O'G said...

A dapper chap would never exchange his faithful hound for a robotic replacement, but I can see those nefarious Teutonic types using automaton alsatians!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Certainly not what one would ride the hunt behind!

Anonymous said...

I've stumbled upon your blog and saw this post and just wondered if you would like to know where you can buy these robodogs in the UK?


Minibits being the sister company to Pendraken Miniatures at Middlesbrough.

Sorry, if this seems a tad rude, but I hope this helps.