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14 July 2014

Working on These Projects

My two weeks away from home has seemed to refresh my desire to paint and build, and these are the projects I am prioritizing:

1) Gentlemen's Club for Empire of the Dead.

I haven't played a game of this yet, though I took part in the Requiem Kickstarter. The minis are all very nice, and I have already painted up most of the werewolves. I know I can use them as Adventuring Companies in In Her Majesty's Name as well, which is a really nice skirmish ruleset.

2) Prussian Airships for Dystopian Wars

I bought these back at Christmas time, I think. They are pretty simple to paint up - it just needs doing. Plus, it would be progress! And proof of progress helps to keep me motivated.

3) 15mm Spanish Civil War

My friend Zach is very interested in playing some Spanish Civil War. I have chosen the Carlistas, who supported the Nationalists because the Nationalists supported Catholicism. I picked up several packs of Peter Pig's Carlista requetes while in Weymouth. I'll paint up a few bases's worth and see how they look. You'll be able to follow that project more closely on Scattergun Gamer.

4) New Issue of The Aethergraph

I wanted to get another issue out back in May, hoping to do a quarterly schedule this year. Grad school sort of got in the way of that. But, I think I am ready to try and tackle finishing the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated, naturally.

   So I am going to work on these projects for the next few days. Hopefully by end of the week I shall have something to share.

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Paul oftheManCave said...

Welcome back and some great stuff to look forward to in that lot!