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22 July 2014

Primitive Fortifications on Venus

   This journal recently received photostatic evidence of a primitive fortification built somewhere in the jungles of Venus, the Veiled Planet of Mysteries. As our dear readers are no doubt aware, Venus is home to at least two indigenous intelligent lifeforms. Though both the lizardmen and the parrotfolk are savage tribalists, they display a degree of cunning that must be taken into account when venturing forth from the safe enclaves of human habitation.

   See below the apex of Venusian engineering...

The human figure in strange attire and armed with primitive weapons is unknown.
Perhaps he is a French agent, a coureur du bois or voyageur?

A lookout tower of some sort. Apparently, it is unfinished at this time.

[Editor's Notes: The fort has been sitting a long time, a gift from a fellow VSF enthusiast in the Houston area. I painted and flocked it, but Dan built it. I built the tower using leftovers from the fortress. It is almost done, needing only the base - an old CDR - to be flocked, and some sort of overhead covering to be done. Speaking of which, I am considering a roof over at least one of the two bastions in the fortress. What do you think?

  I plan to use these for games of In Her Majesty's Name and other VSF games. It could be a jungle on Earth as well as Venusian. My son said the fortress looked a little barren for a jungle, but I reminded him that one does not allow undergrowth or trees near one's fortification. A clear field of fire is a necessary asset in these cases.]


ColKillgore said...

The fort looks great. A covering over one or both bastions will look good too. If you can get the figures under the covers more power to you but if you are going to have to take the covers off to place models then I say save the effort.

DeanM said...

Very cool! I think it could be used in some other settings/scenarios too ;)! Best, Dean

Elderac said...

I think giving the towers a thatched roof would look good.

The poles for a cover seem like they are already in place. The back opening looks large enough to insert or remove figures. Otherwise, removable covers are an option.


Paul oftheManCave said...

Fantastic work there - love it! Room for a Gatling, Hotchkiss or Maxim on those bastions and the tower too!.

Regarding coverings, you definitely want to go with removable for ease of figure placement during games. Rough hewn logs like the rest of the fort would match, as would some sort of canvas or tentage. Great frontier look.

Elderac said...

I was thinking a patchwork of giant leaves might be more appropriate for the primitive Venusian tribes. Unless pilfered from some unsuspecting group of Europeans, canvas may be hard to come by.

J Womack, Esq. said...

How would you do the leaves, though?

Paper cut outs and then some markers or paint to put in the veins and such?

What about putting the leaves over a structure of rough poles? This would make it easier to put on or remove as desired, I think.

Elderac said...

Yes, pretty much work with paper. I think I would go to the craft store and get some scrap book paper in the color I wanted and then add the veins, possibly with a fine point green pen.

If you wanted to make a lot of leaves, then perhaps you might wish to purchase a punch that creates leaf shapes, which may be found in the scrapbooking area.

Since the environment is at least tropical in nature, large leaves are likely to be common.

Yes, I think some sort of structure would be required to support the leaves.


J Womack, Esq. said...

That leaf-shaped punch is a great idea. I need to head over to Michael's anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions, Elderac!