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06 January 2014

Clockwork Goblin Products

   I found these sort of randomly, while reading Eli Arndt's I See Lead People blog. I thought they looked interesting. Photos are from the Clockwork Goblin webstore.

15mm US "Grizzly" Walker
I'd remove the Ma Deuce for VSF, and add a boiler and smokestack to the back.
Maybe shorten the gun barrel a bit.

15mm US "Hyena" Light Jump Walker
Might re-work the right hand into a gripper of some sort.
This says 'Armoured Combat Aethersuit' to me.

15mm German "Thor" Mechpanzer
Again, needs a bit of Victorian and steam-y flair, but I like the six legs.

15mm German "Spinne" Light Mechpanzer
I really like this one for an Imperial German Scout.
3 for 13 GBP, too...

28mm British Automated Infantry
I'd go with the water-cooled MG for VSF.
Reminds me a bit of the Parroom Station Clockwork Soldier.

Like the labels say...
The RPG armed one reminds me of the upgraded Ogryn from the Imperial Guard.

And last, a concept sketch I think is interesting...

"Shreckwulfen 1"

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