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01 July 2013

The Canals of Mars... at long last!

   Long story very short, I have always wanted some nice, regular canals for the Martian plains. Never got around to it. Then I saw some custom terrain on eBay, contacted the seller, Anita,who happened to be the maker of said terrain. Foofighterubu is her handle. Nice lady. After a few emails back and forth, we worked out what I wanted and a price we could both live with. Here are the results:

Main section, branch section, and the Y junction

28mm Empress British Infantry walking along the canal path

High Martians taking a canal boat

Scene from above

Taking cover along the canal walls.

Effective cover!

   I have eight feet of both widths, plus some corners in the main canal width and the Y connection. I am going to order more from Anita later this summer, I think, after I see how badly Historicon eats my wallet. I need a piece that transitions from one main canal to two smaller, and a docking area, plus some turns in the branch canal.


Robert Hingley said...

Looks like a great piece of terrain to acquire. Got to love eBay. Happy hunting.

Phil said...

Very nice pics, love the terrain!

John Lambshead said...

Impressive if you have the space.

J Womack, Esq. said...

John, they stack nicely, only about an inch thick per. I have them all on half a shelf in the linen closet that I took over for terrain and such.