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11 July 2013

I am the very model of the Modern Major General...

   Thanks to Tango on The Miniatures Page, I have a new link to the archive that contains the classic Colonial / VSF wargames website: Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Wargames Page. That site is very fondly recalled by many of us VSF nutters.

   In other news, I am painting some 28mm Prussian line infantry. Not done yet, but here's the in progress eye candy. Figures are Parroom Station.

Herr Leutnant

Gefreiter Schimdt


Michael Awdry said...

Those are coming along rather splendidly, jolly good show Sir.

Clive G said...

Ah, fond memories. That beautiful site stirred my interest in all things victorian and colonial, from where it is but a careless meander into the realms of VSF.

In fact he's got a lot to answer for!

Clive G

Phil said...

Very nice work, beautiful colors!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Clive, that is exactly how I feel.