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14 May 2013

The Bug Boys are Coming!

   Ahem, that is to say, a trooper of the 17th Lancers, B Squadron (Aerocavalry), has been sighted. More commonly known as the "Dragonfly Lancers", the Aerocavalry ride into battle astride a mechanickal dragonfly, powered by handwavium and held aloft by unobtainite. They bravely (some would say 'recklessly') charge right at enemy aerial vessels, hoping to strike home with their long, spar torpedo-like Grantham Patent Explosive Lances. They can also make daring low-level attacks against landships and the like, skimming just over the terrain in a dashingly bold manner. The landing struts of the mount can also be used to carry cargo while in flight, and the whole thing can hover in place at need. Quite the thing for delivering desperately needed supplies to remote outposts.

[Editor's Note: Finally, one down, nine to go. This is my prototype Rough Rider from Victoria Miniatures, painted in 17th Lancer uniform, mounted on a Mage Knight mechanical dragonfly. My only complaint is that the resin spears warped in shipping and have to be repaired. Oh, and I need more pieces. Better get to ordering!]


Michael Awdry said...

Outstanding! Into the valley of death 'swarmed' the 600!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Thanks Michael. Now I just have to clear enough space on the table to get to work on the rest of them. Oh, and order the parts for the officer!

Colonel O'Truth said...

That is absolutely awesome! I want one!

No... make that five!

Well done, that man!

Malcolm Birtwell said...

Hi J Womack. I love your conversion it's Fab! I'm really interested to know how you removed the original rider as I've got some MK figures I'd like to convert too. Regards, Mal :0)

J Womack, Esq. said...

Malcolm: Easy as pie. I cut him off with a pair of flush cut wire cutters. I wasn't concerned with saving the riders, as I thought they look a bit rubbish anyway.