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22 March 2013

EotD: Gyrocopter

   Continuing on with my recent flying things fetish, I present to you the Steam Gyrocopter that is being made for the Empire of the Dead game.

   As usual, the model is not mine, nor the paint job, nor the photograph, but I think it is quite nice. I am looking forward to seeing some pilot figures for it. I especially like the upholstered seat. A gentleman couldn't be expected to fly about over London on some hard wooden bench? Might get splinters in his tailcoat!


Michael Awdry said...

Oh I say, I could use one of those!

J Womack, Esq. said...

Yes, quite the thing, I think. Good for staying above the common riff-raff of the street, you know. Fly straight in to the club, and all that.